America vs America? – War on White Privilege Terrorism

Unfortunately this not an article of hope, prayers, wishing or dreaming.

This is a story about a place where children learn “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, before they learn to spell their own names. The Pledge of Allegiance was originally written in August 1892, and even then those words fell on deaf ears and closed eyes.

The words of the pledge only apply to Americans who are NOT in the following recognized “American” race categories:

American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Hispanic or Latino or Spanish Origin
Not Hispanic or Latino or Spanish Origin
Race and Ethnicity unknown

The world spent all of 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic looming, and we were all hopeful that 2021 would be a “reset” of some sort. We hoped that mother earth or any other preferred celestial being would rain down a cure-all vaccine, end global warming, end hunger, end homelessness, end wealth gaps, end abuse of power and of course end hatred. However, 6 days into 2021, a violent act against the nations’s capitol and death threats on our elected officials shook us back into our reality called America. Last Wednesday, most Americans were fearful of their individual lives and the fate of our country as a global leader built on democracy.

What does the real America look like?

For years politicians have recited the same words after any violent and/or racially motivated tragedy occurs, “this is not who we are”, “this is not the real America”.

That is a lie. This is the real America! This is the America that most black and brown people have experienced for centuries in this country. In the year 2021, it takes a mob of racist white supremacist to destroy the nation’s capitol in order to get the point across? It took congress members being rushed to safety to make some people finally see what Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X stood against during the civil rights movement of the 1960s?

Black people in American have been protesting and fighting for justice, equality and civil rights for hundreds of years. This is not new!

1960s Civil Right Movement in images

The Black Lives Matter Movement and Media Distraction

All it takes is a new story in the headlines and we become easily distracted from what is wrong in this country. When we as a people get distracted, real protests of injustice stop and the social media feeds go back to selfies and TikTok videos. Therefore, nothing ever changes.

In 2020, we started off the year with the Senate aquittal of  Donald Trump’s first impeachment charges. The outrage of Americans became yesterday’s news so fast when covid-19 rolled in and forced everyone into quarantine. The world shut down and now 10 months later, millions of people have died.

Then we all watched in horror the video footage of George Floyd, a 46 year black man, brutally murdered by the racist white police known as officer Derek Chauvin. After a store clerk alleged George Floyd had passed a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis, FOUR police officers arrived on the scene. He did not resist arrest and he not did attempt to run from the four police officers that confronted him.

Despite that, the Minneapolis officers, including Derek Chauvin handcuffed George Floyd face down on the street.  Derek Chauvin was captured on cellphone video kneeling with his knee on George Floyd’s neck for an entire eight minutes and forty-six seconds, while Mr. Floyd repeatedly pleaded “I can’t breathe”. Even after George Floyd stopped breathing and even after a crowd of people begged the officer to remove his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck, Derek Chauvin did not budge. Additionally, the three other officers watched on the sidelines. They stopped anyone who tried to assist Mr. Floyd (including the paramedic team). They allowed Derek Chauvin to murder George Floyd because he was the senior officer in charge. Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd with a smirk on his face, because he felt entitled to and knew that his badge would protect him from prosecution.

Derek Chauvin Murdering George Floyd

George Floyd’s Murderers

We all stood together and took the fight to the streets in global protests for justice. We shouted “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” and “DEFUND THE POLICE” for weeks! We called for the arrest and conviction of George Floyd’s murderers and the defunding of police departments across the country. Social media was lit up with “#systematicracism” and “#defundthepolice” posts all day, everyday. The protests began a global movement. The world saw the pain of Black Americans and joined the fight by holding protests in the streets of their own countries.

Global Black Lives Matter Protests

Everyone stood united screaming for racial equality. Black people across the world channeled their ancestors who were kidnapped and enslaved for hundreds of years. We resurrected deep anger, mourning and sadness as we remembered all the black people who were silenced for centuries. We cried and we lost sleep due to anxiety, fear, anger and stress. Day after day we watched the images of George Floyd lying on the street pleading for his right to breathe!! We marched for all those have been suppressed, enslaved and murdered by white privilege and supremacy in America. We demanded criminal prosecution of white police officers who racially profile, abuse, and kill black people simply for being black. These same officers then hide behind their badges to avoid criminal charges. How dare a black person declare that their life matters too!!! The shame!


The Fight Continues Decades Later


Just as our ancestors did years ago, black people marched with BLM supporters, demanding equal rights in 2020. As the protests continued, President Donald Trump made the move to rally his supporters. He publicly ordered a heavy police presence at the BLM protests. Peaceful protestors were met by large numbers of law enforcement and the national guard. Trump ordered rubber bullets and gas deployment into peaceful crowds filled with children. There were hundreds of arrests made and the murders of black people increased during the BLM movement, at the hands of law enforcement!!! Trump did nothing but sit back, watch and ready his terrorists.

Trump praised the action of violence against Black Lives Matter protestors. When addressing BLM protesters, he repeatedly referred to them as “thugs,” “terrorists” and “anarchists.” By doing so, white supremacists took his cues and began to organize around the protests nationwide, carrying weapons and acting as self-appointed security forces. White supremacists antagonized protesters by distributing racist propaganda, holding inflammatory signs, or yelling insults and racial slurs from passing vehicles. They even called for civil war! Black vs White. Not once did Trump condemn this behavior. In fact, he cheered from the sidelines.

Next up, Covid-19 cases began to rise and the BLM protests gradually became extinguished. George Floyd’s murder was old news to mainstream media and the streets were quiet and empty as people self quarantined. On October 7, 2020, Mr. Floyd’s murderer Derek Chauvin was released from prison on a $1 million bail raised through online crowdfunding. Many activists across the city argued that the former officer’s release shines an unflattering light on a bail system that has been criticized for inequality and lack of transparency. This includes who provides the collateral or financial backing to help a defendant post bond. The judge even allowed Derek Chauvin the privilege to live outside of Minnesota as he awaits trial for felony charges. Why? Well, because of “evidence supporting safety conditions that have arisen”. WOW! That is white privilege.

Chauvin’s release sparked new protests across the Twin Cities prompting Gov. Tim Walz (D) to activate the National Guard and deploy State Patrol officers to Minneapolis. Though most gatherings were peaceful, Minneapolis police arrested more than 50 people at a protest outside the city’s 5th Precinct station. Still no justice and all is quiet.

The media had a new story…

2020 Presidential Election

The entire globe was distracted by the presidential election of 2020. It was a BIG F’N deal! It was a historic moment with the largest voter turnout ever seen in this country. Joe Biden had chosen his VP running mate Kamala Harris, who would go on to be the first woman, the first Black American and the first Asian American to become Vice President. Biden called for bipartisanship and unity. This of course was extremely important and comforting to most of Americans. Most people were excited about getting Trump out of office. Personally, I wore my “I voted today” pin everyday until all the votes we cast and counted.

Of course, not everyone was happy. Donald Trump refused to accept that millions of voters did not want him in the White House. Instead of conceding to President Elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump spent months falsely claiming the election was rigged. He claimed that the election was stolen from him through widespread voter fraud, a claim that is baseless. He told his supporters that if they didn’t “fight”, their country would be taken from them.  

But were we really surprised by this? We all watched the first presidential debate when Donald Trump was asked to denounce white supremacists. He responded with “proud boys stand back and stand by” on national television. He embraced, cultivated and nurtured the modern KKK. This new version of the KKK does not wear hoods or hide behind the darkness of night. They do not ride horses in groups or openly burn crosses. They wear suits, police uniforms, firefighter uniforms, U.S military uniforms and some wear the presidential seal. They serve our food, write our laws, and monitor our security systems. The hold positions in politics and local government.

And we all know what happened next…

The White Supremacist Insurrection of The United States Capital

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to invite his Republican supporters to the capitol on January 6, 2021. His Klan answered the call and thousands of them from all over the country traveled to Washington, DC. They were requested by the sitting President to stop the counting of Electoral College votes. These votes would confirm Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.  At the rally, Trump unleashed a mob of thousands of his loyalists to storm the capitol. 

Hundreds of white supremacists, climbed the grand marble staircase and breached police gates. They smashed windows, shoved police officers and broke through doorways to forced their way in. The insurrectionists desecrated the capitol and overthrew capitol police. They burst into the offices and chambers of congress, taking over the Capital as though it were their own. Images of these domestic terrorist lounging in congress members’ offices, ripping name plates from walls, strolling through the The National Statuary Hall, removing federal property and essentially halting the constitutional process of completing Joe Biden’s election to the presidency.

They wore hate speech clothing like Nazi T-shirts as they yelled racial slurs to black capitol police officers and media correspondents. The mob carried Trump Flags and one rioter was seen carrying a confederate flag in the capitol, something not even Confederate soldiers were able to do during the Civil War.

They brought weapons, restraints and bombs. Trump supporters were out for blood and they got it. Four rioters and one capitol police officer died.

The Insurrectionists

Oh, and let me not forget this village idiot…

…or this “desk appreciating” fool.

Double Standard

Many spectators watching the capitol riots unfold online commented on the small police presence assembled at the U.S. Capitol. These comments noted the comparison to the armed show of force that awaited the BLM protestors last summer. Others expressed surprise that the officers did not use greater force as the Capitol was breached. One moment that sparked outrage online, was an officer caught on video taking a selfie with a rioter during the height of the insurrection.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation said in a statement, “When Black people protest for our lives, we are all too often met by National Guard troops or police equipped with assault rifles, shields, tear gas and battle helmets. When white people attempt a coup, they are met by an underwhelming number of law enforcement personnel who act powerless to intervene, going so far as to pose for selfies with terrorists.”

Police Presence

Newly sworn-in St. Louis Rep. Cori Bush told The Associated Press that the race of the Capitol rioters played a big part in their ability to breach the congressional fortress. Despite weeks of organizing, they were never considered to be a threat in the days leading into the coup.

Had the mob been Black, “we would have been laid out,” Bush said.

“The thing is, these are the same people who called us terrorists,” Bush continued. “Confederate flags, ‘don’t tread on me,’ ‘blue lives matter’ flags, the Trump flags — all of it symbolizes the same thing. It symbolizes racism and white supremacy.”

Systemic Racism in America – The Ongoing Terrorist War Continues

Racism issues of White America have always existed and these issues are VERY real. It started with Native Americans! Let’s not forget that. African Americans were dealt the worst hand of all and white hatred has plagued us for over 400 years. Racism in America is and always has been venomous and deadly. We saw this last Wednesday live and in action on most media screens across the nation. The problem is, these issues are never fully taken seriously, rarely punished, rarely addressed and never resolved. To this day you will still hear the words “there is no racism in America” and the White Americans that say this, believe it to be true.

And please note that American Indians, Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, Black or African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Other Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, Latinos or any of the other race of people that live in America, did not start racism in America.



What’s Next?

Today Americans await the news of the House of Representative’s very real threat to file an Article of Impeachment against Trump this coming Wednesday, making him the only president in American history to be impeached twice. The FBI is conducting an arrest round-up of all the major players in the capitol insurrection. Additionally we wait for January 20, 2021 for the inauguration of President Elect Joe Biden.

But does that really solve the underlying terrorists issues here?

  • How does a sitting president of the United States declare war on his own country? 
  • How does a sitting president of the United States declare war on his own country with white supremacists as his foot soldiers?
  • Why did the United States Government classify these racist terrorist as “non-violent protestors” even though they planned this organized attack on our government for weeks?
  • Why was law enforcement M.I.A?
  • Why were white terrorists actively raiding the capitol allowed to leave the scene of the crime without fear of arrest or “death by cop”?
  • Why has the soon to be former President Donald Trump able to isolate himself in the white house and not address the American public? He has not held a press conference since the January 6th riots took place.
  • Why have the American people not heard from any white house official, homeland security official, capitol official, federal official or any other government official? And I am not talking about written statements, Tweets or pre-recorded videos. 

The answer to all of the above is simply described by the dictionary as:

white privilege
  1. inherent advantages possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.

There is no genie in a bottle to rub or falling star that we can wish upon. There is no special potion, or magic wand that we can wave to make racism go away.

Our government publicly condemns any nation that practices injustices of any kind against their citizens. We will go to war to protect the people of foreign lands from these injustices and our soldiers will even occupy the land to secure their safety. However on our own land, there is no Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine or National Guard protecting black people from the same injustices we condemn others for. This is the real America.



Felicia Ray

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