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Make Money
From Home


Make Money
From Home

Make income by helping others just like you with the @Home Opportunity.

Save Money on
Monthly Bills


Save Money on
Monthly Bills

Our wealth syndicate group helps people make more income, save more money, and grow their investments.

Create & Grow
Passive Income


Create & Grow
Passive Income

Build a passive income portfolio through self-banking, land-banking and real estate.

All Done For You
By Experts


All Done For You
By Experts

Our Experts work on your behalf to save you the most money possible.
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Millennial Lifestyle & Legacy Experience

October 19, 2023 @ 7:25 pm - 8:25 pm CDT

Attention everyone between the age of 21 & 35 years old! We are starting our exclusive millennial lifestyle & legacy experience 🙌🏾👑

This is an exclusive event EVERY THURSDAY at 8:25 pm EST/7:25 pm CST !!!

Watch this event here or via Zoom (see image for info)

Hi! My name is Felicia Ray Owens and I am absolutely excited to help you learn this amazing platform. The #MWRMovement strategy is designed to help you INCREASE, MULTIPLY & PROTECT YOUR ASSETS NOW with our #ExclusiveInvitationOnly Membership through MWR Financial. This system is helping thousands of confused everyday people understand their money! If you want to know how to connect your lifestyle and legacy, how to build real wealth online, or how to make money online and offline – you are watching the right video!

Text “Wealth” to +1 512-842-4426 for more information or visit to get started today. If you are ready to begin now, join The MWR Wealth Syndicate Group @

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Join Meeting @

The meeting password is WEALTH

If Asked Who Invited You: Donald Owens & Felicia Ray Owens

After the meeting visit  to get started 


October 19, 2023
7:25 pm - 8:25 pm
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