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Make Money
From Home


Make Money
From Home

Make income by helping others just like you with the @Home Opportunity.

Save Money on
Monthly Bills


Save Money on
Monthly Bills

Our wealth syndicate group helps people make more income, save more money, and grow their investments.

Create & Grow
Passive Income


Create & Grow
Passive Income

Build a passive income portfolio through self-banking, land-banking and real estate.

All Done For You
By Experts


All Done For You
By Experts

Our Experts work on your behalf to save you the most money possible.
Get the Financial Makeover System

Learn more or get started today making, saving and growing your cashflow.

O ur Financial Makeover partnership with MWR Financial helps you make more income, save more money and grow your investments for less than $4 a day.

Cashflow Opportunity

Create Cashflow with Multiple Streams of business income. Own your own business, be your own boss, and earn unlimited income DAILY from the comfort of your own home or anywhere by simply referring others to our Complete Cashflow System.

Cashflow Membership

Increase the Cashflow from your current income. Our Experts can help you keep more of your hard-earned money by reducing your taxes, lowering your monthly bills, eliminating your debts in record time, and restoring your credit to the best shape possible.

We Are The Financial MakeOver Company

The Financial Makeover combines making money,
saving money, and growing money as the ultimate
solution to help everyday
people become financially independent. 

STEP 1 - Enroll & Activate

Sign up as an individual or business owner and activate your Membership, business opportunity, or both.

STEP 2 - Upload & Share

Upload your documents and let ourfinancial experts do the work for you. Share the program.

STEP 3 - Make Money & Grow

Watch for your results while growing your home-based business with our leadership support.
$ 1 m+
Tax Reduction
50 pts
Credit Restoration
$ 1 b
Completed project
$ 1 m
Bill Negotiation

Text "Wealth" To

+1(469) 554 3865


Real Members, Real Financial Success

Let our experts do the work

OUR Programs

Own your Home

Secure Your Dream Home with MWR

MWR Keys to Home-Ownership is a proven system that clears the way for you to become a homeowner regardless of your past credit history or current credit scores.

REduce My Taxes

Instant Pay Raise

Let us help you keep more of your hard earn money in your pocket and receive an instant pay raise in 4 easy steps.

Lower My Bills

Bill Negotiation

Our Professional Bill Negotiators can help you lower your re-occuring monthly bills: Cable/Satellite, Cell Phone, Security, Internet, Utilities, Insurance, and a whole lot more.

Eliminate My Debt

Everyone qualifies to use this powerful program​

What would your life look like if your DEBT was ZERO? Well… By simply plugging all of your debts into the MWR Debt Elimination system, we can provide you with a detailed monthly plan of action to eliminate all of your debts, in record time.

Restore My Credit

Get the credit you deserve

Are you one of the over 80% of Americans with less than perfect credit? If so, this could be costing you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in interest, down payments and insurance premium overpayments.

Trust My Assets

Choose the Path That is Right For You

Our Trust Experts provide everything you need to protect your assets, while legally and ethically eliminating income tax liabilities, so you can build, live, and leave a legacy.

Private Reserve Account

Create a money multiplier effect with your own bank.

Looking for the best way to save, grow and protect your money tax-free without risk of loss? Learn the advantages of having your very own Private Reserve Account.

Diversified Cashflow Account

Become your own bank & put your savings on steroids.

There are many benefits to becoming your own bank. Borrowing from yourself and continue to earn interest and dividends on the money you borrow is just one of them.

MWR Land Banking

Remove the guess work of being a Real Estate Investor.

MWR Land Banking gives you an opportunity to purchase segments of some of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the U.S. And best of all – these properties are made available to you at an avereage of 20%-40% below their current market value.

Why wait to secure your financial future?

We have everything you need to maximize every area of your cashflow in one amazing opportunity.

The Revolutionary Daily Guarantee is a Top-Up Income and an industry game-changer. When qualified, you can now know the minimum amount you'll earn each month, without having to guess. Allowing you to budget your income effectively.

To Qualify: You must be an Active Qualified Financial Director (QFD) and have a total of 3 Personally Enrolled Active Qualified Financial Directors (QFDs) and 1 Active Outside Customer (If you are your own customer) or 2 Active Outside Customers (If you are not your own customer).  

Our Daily Guarantee Income is based on placement team points and pays from $5/day up to $1000/day! By meeting the above qualifications, this would qualify you for Level 1 of our Daily Guarantee, which is equal to $5/day or $150/month, minus any Daily Pay Commissions you receive during the same month.

Daily Guarantee 1/3 Rule: Only 1/3 of the points needed to qualify for each level of Daily Guarantee can come from 1 leg of your business.  Example:  Level 2 Daily Guarantee requires 36 points, that means only 12 points would count from each leg of business. Scenario #1: Leg 1 has 22 points (Only 12 would count), Leg 2 has 9 points (All 9 would count), Leg 3 has 14 points (Only 12 would count). In this scenario, you would have a total of 12+9+12=33 Eligible points.  To hit the 36 points needed, you would need 3 more points in Leg 2 or you would need a 4th Leg with at least 3 points to have the 36 Eligible points needed to qualify for Level 2 of Daily Guarantee. Please be aware of this when performing placements and how the placements you make can potentially affect your qualifications under our 1/3 Rule!

Here's how this all works:

If you earned $100 in Daily Pay Commissions during any calendar month (These include: Sponsor Bonuses, Expansion Bonuses, Customer Bonuses, 25% Check Matches or Any other commissions that are paid out Daily.) and you accumulated/earned $150 in Daily Guarantee during the same month.  MWR Financial will TOP-UP your $100 Daily Pay earnings to $150, by paying you the additional $50 you qualified for in Daily Guarantee, on the 10th of the following month.  Example:  $150 in Daily Guarantee - $100 in Daily Pay = Top Up of $50 to YOU! 

Please see the following Comp Plan PDF for full details and point qualifications for All Levels of Daily Guarantee: 

3 Day Right of Rescission:  You may cancel your FinancialEDGE membership and/or your MWR Financial Business within 3 days of the date of your enrollment and receive a full refund!  Any cancellations received after the 3 day time frame listed above will not be entitled to any refund!  All cancellations/refund requests must be sent to: or by creating a ticket via the support page of your site.  Cancellation requests will not be accepted by our staff via phone or chat and refunds will not be issued on any requests, after your 3 day right of rescission, unless you meet the qualifications below for our 30 Day Guarantee.

30 Day Guarantee:  MWR Financial provides a NO Risk Opportunity for anyone who decides to join our company, as a Qualified Financial Director, with both our Business & FinancialEDGE Membership (Not one or the other)!  However, to be eligible for this guarantee, you are required to complete our Plan of Action, within your 1st 30 days and if our experts & strategies are not able to help you save or make more money, MWR Financial will give you a FULL Refund!  Click here to see our Plan of Action & 30 Day Guarantee!   Requests for cancellations/refunds under our 30 Day Guarantee must be submitted to or by creating a ticket via the support page of your site, within 30 days of your initial enrollment and all steps of our Plan of Action must be verified as completed via our system! Refunds will not be given to anyone that has not completed our plan of action or that makes a request after their initial 30 days has expired!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Important Note:  All Cancellation and/or Refund requests are required to be sent via email to, using the email associated with your MWR Financial Account or by creating a ticket via the support page of your site.  The reason we require this is to confirm that you are the actual party requesting this action, to avoid fraudulent cancellation requests and for our staff to quickly review your account, using your email as the unique identifier in our system.

About RFCH Our Mission Our Vision

Ray Family Company Holdings, LLC seeks to partner with, and meaningfully enhance, extraordinary personal and business lifestyle brands and companies.

We strive towards being the best organization we can, not only to our customers, members, and employees but to help build our local communities by providing sustainable home-based business opportunities while providing financial-related services to help better the lives of every family.

Over more than 20 years, we’ve fostered trusted relationships with our members, partners and staff.

Our commitment to a deep understanding of helping everyday people achieve financial independence is paramount to our success. Therefore, we aim to better what we do, and how we do it, focused on a lasting impact for generations to come.

We are dedicated to changing lives through establishing networks of everyday people and to empower them to achieve financial independence.
We offer all of the tools, training, and support you will need to be successful. All that’s required is the desire to change your life for the better and a willingness to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


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