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How to pay off your credit card debt in record time! – Mentor To Millions CEO, Brian Beane

Twitter: – Brian Beane aka “BNB” explains the importance of paying off credit card debt ASAP!! –

About Brian

Brian Beane’s success is due to a combination of book smarts and street smarts. While obtaining an English degree from Morehouse College, he took more interest in mastering concepts taught in the areas of financial education, personal growth and leadership. Formal education gave him ‘a platform,’ but specialized knowledge provided ‘his springboard’ to retire at age 22!

Brian became known for his ability to educate thousands in the areas of personal and economic empowerment. He ultimately founded his training company, Mentor to Millions, Inc. in 2008 and in the creator of 4 exclusive training platforms:
1) P.A.Y.S.: Personal Growth & Self Development Coaching
2) Multi-Level Mastery: Professional Training for Network Marketers
3) The Income Shifter Experience: Lessons is growing and maintaining wealth
4) Speakermizer: Mastering the art of converting your life experiences and speaking on stage and/or camera

After being voted one of the Top 10 speakers and trainers in the North America in July of 2012, his previous clients include Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, The Federal Social Security and Disability Administration, the Eric Berry Foundation, Communicorp (A division of Aflac) and many more!

Meet Brian Beane:

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