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ICA Order Agreement

ICA Order Agreement

IBO Owner Legal Name: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="2" display="value" ] 

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Email: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="6" display="value" ] 

Phone Number: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="17" display="value" ] 

Arise IBO Company Name: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="3" display="value" ] 

Arise IBO Company Email: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="16" display="value" ] 

Arise IBO Phone Number: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="18" display="value" ] 

Arise IBO ID Number: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="4" display="value" ] 

Arise IBO Tax ID Number: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="9" display="value" ] 

Arise IBO Address (The entered address will be generated in your your ICA.): [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="5" display="value" ] 

Arise IBO Website: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="19" display="value" ] 

Agent Classification (Does your IBO classify agents as 1099 Independent Contractors or Employees?):  [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="10" display="value" ] 

When does your Agent ICA end?: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="11" display="value" ] 

Please specify Agent ICA end date.: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="14" display="value" ] 

Please check any of the following that should be included in your ICA.: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="8" display="value" ] 

Please enter supporting details for any of the items checked in the above list.: [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="12" display="value" ] 

Additional Information (Do you have any additional/specific needs for your ICA?): [esiggravity formid="18" field_id="15" display="value" ] 

Terms of Product Use Policy

These documents are created by RFC Staffing & Virtual Solutions, items purchased are for use by the authorized IBO only. RFC Staffing & Virtual Solutions does not authorize permissions to the resale of items. Please do not share these documents with anyone else other than it’s intended use for your business. These are confidential and proprietary documents that you are purchasing.

By paying for these documents you are agreeing to these terms.

The legal penalties for copyright infringement are: Infringer pays the up to $150,000 for each work infringed. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs.


Since we primarily deal with digital goods, we honor requests for refunds for the following reasons:

Non-delivery of the product: Due to an issue with the mail, you do not receive a delivery e-mail from us. Depending on the price of the product, https://theibohub.onecallcrew.com/ may require you to first submit proof that you have submitted a report to the mail service describing the missing item;

Download issues: You have problems that prevent you from downloading the product. https://theibohub.onecallcrew.com/ recommends that you contact the support team for your browser provider, as https://theibohub.onecallcrew.com/ ensures that our products can be downloaded with all major browsers, and this problem usually arises from a customer’s issue with either their browser, firewall, or network;

Product not-as-described: A request based on this reason is addressed on a case-by-case basis and subject to our approval. To prevent this kind of claim from arising, every customer is required to submit information to complete their order. We encouraged all customers to check their information for accuracy before submitting it to https://theibohub.onecallcrew.com/.

By signing and submitting this order, I acknowledge that the information submitted in this form is accurate and that I agree with all https://theibohub.onecallcrew.com/ policies and terms and conditions stated above and per website terms and conditions at https://theibohub.onecallcrew.com/terms/.







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Signed by Felicia Ray
Signed On: April 4, 2020

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