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Arise Background Check Information

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Since independent agents handle sensitive information from callers and service Arise clients’ brand, this background check is an important factor for Arise clients, and is routine in the work-from-home industry. The background check is only required of independent agents who have been invited to provide services for Arise Virtual Solutions.

A background check is required on each and every call center company and their agent(s) registering to use the Arise platform. The background check report is initiated by you and conducted by an independent third-party background search company.  All background checks are conducted in accordance with federal and state law.

A background check free of disqualifying criminal history and confirmation of your name and Social Security Number is required for every agent registering to use the Arise platform. Arise does not do business with any call center or their agents that have been convicted of or pled guilty to any felony or certain misdemeanor charges; including but not limited to theft, fraud, identity theft, or other similar violations.  Should any background check report reveal a disqualifying information, you will not be permitted to continue registration to use the Arise platform.

The background check starts when you place your order with the third-party background search company  This report will include a national criminal record report and a Social Security Number verification report (which is used to validate the given SSN, name, and address).

You will be asked to provide verifiable information about where your home-based business is located. Your home-based business may be asked to provide additional information including, but not limited to, your Social Security card, driver’s license, government issued picture ID, passport, work visa, or utility bill that includes your current address.

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