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How do I edit my RFC IBO & CSP Hub Directory Listing?

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All of your IBO account information can be found in your IBO Dashboard

Once you have logged into your account, hover over the “Profile” Menu. You should see a drop down. Click on the IBO Dashboard.

On the IBO Dashboard you will see several option menus on the left side of your screen.

Votes – The number of votes you have added to listings on the The Hub.

Bookmarks – Any bookmarked listings that you have saved

Ratings – Shows the star ratings other users have added to your listing. This information is shown publicly as well.

Listings – All of the listings you have added to the site. 

  • To edit, click on the gear icon to the right of the listing you want to edit. You will see new options appear.
    • Click on edit to add/change the content of your listing that is available to the public.
    • Delete – Deleting a listing is not allowed. We take provide in providing Hub users with accurate information. We have found that some IBOs remove listings to erase their star ratings or to hide their reviews. Due to this, we do not allow IBOs to remove listings. If your IBO is no longer in business, please let us know and we will update the listing page to reflect that information.
    • Upgrade/Downgrade – Use this option to change your subscription package.

Change password – Password update

Orders – Your Hub Shop Orders

Subscriptions – Your Subscription Packages


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