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How do I join the RFC Arise IBO?

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(UPDATE: Since recording the above video, Arise has updated our IBO Name on the Arise Portal and our new IBO ID has changed to #509361)


To get started as an RFC Arise CSP, there are a few steps you will need to complete. 
1. The first step is to visit the Arise Virtual Solutions registration portal and register on the Arise platform. All Arise agents must be registered and complete a background check through Arise before you begin servicing.
While you are completing the registration form, you will be asked to enter the following information:
  • The CSP ID that referred you: enter 1000139 (Felicia Ortiz)
  •  You may also be asked if you were referred by an Arise partner or call center company. Your answer here will be “yes”. RFC Staffing VS is a partnered Arise center company. You will also need to include our IBO# 509361​.


2. The second step is to visit the RFC Arise Agent Application This part of the process is VERY important since it is what enters your information into the RFC agent database. When you are ready, click the “APPLY” button on the above page to submit an application. 
3. Log into your Arise Portal profile and complete the 2 documents that Arise has issued to you in order to complete your registration.
Within 24-48 hours, Arise will notify us that you have requested to join the RFC Staffing OneCall IBO. Once we receive this request, we will need to schedule an interview with you. The interview typically lasts about 30 minutes and is completely online. 
Interview Scheduling:
We will email you a request for your availability, please respond within 48 hours of receiving it. Once we receive your response, you will be emailed a meeting invitation. PLEASE BE SURE TO RSVP or your interview will not be scheduled.
4. After your interview, expect to receive a response from us within 24 hours via email. If we are ready to move forward with your application, you will receive another email from us with instructions on how to complete your documents. 
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