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What is an Arise SOW and how long does it last?

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Arise SOW – “Statement of Work”

An Arise SOW outlines all of the specifics of servicing the client. It details pay rate, required servicing hours, incentives, bonuses and everything in between.

SOWs typically last 3-6 months each. When you start out, you may get a 3 month SOW. During that time, the client is evaluating you to be sure you are meeting metric and to offer you assistance to get you where they want you to be. If you do well, you will be offered another SOW. It may be another 3 month SOW or a longer SOW.

I tell all CSPs, if you are doing your job and servicing with the best attitude, adhering to your schedule and meeting/exceeding expectations, you will get another SOW…and then another after that. There are some agents who have been servicing the same client for 5 and even 10 years! It is not hard to do, as long as the agent does not slack off.

Being disciplined is important when working from home. There is no one there to make you go to work, it is easy to want to stay in bed and ditch your schedule. There are so many factors that make a great CSP a terrible agent. ? As long as a CSP can overcome the temptations of this, they do quite well.

Additionally, you will want to check the opportunity announcement for SOW information. Some clients are seasonal, and the opportunity will clearly let you know when the SOW will end permanently.

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