• Arise Virtual Solutions IBO (ICA)

    Custom CSP Arise Independent Contractor Agreements

    Having the right agreements in place to protect your business is important, especially when you are hiring independent contractors. Some independent contractors may attempt to receive unemployment benefits, government assistance or outright sue your business for employee related reasons. It is one thing to post “You are an independent contractor” or your website, however you have no way of proving that your CSPs have read and acknowledged this statement.

    The lines between an Employee and an Independent Contractor are so blurred and it is very easy to overlap the two. Doing this, may put your business at legal risks! If your company cannot provide proof that your CSPs are indeed independent contractors and not IBOs. The government prefers that your CSPs are employees, because this guarantees the government money! The government will do everything in their power to find a flaw in your business structure that will allow your CSPs to be classified as an employee and file employee lawsuits, grievances and cases against your business.

    Don’t fall into this trap by not having the right documents in place. The Hub ICA Documents are customized based on the state that your IBO is registered in. We have worked very hard to be sure that your business is compliant with state and federal laws.

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