Virtual Agents

Transforming your phone teams into a virtual call center


Vital capabilities of virtual phone systems for agents

Your agents can answer calls from anywhere

Choose the right channels for communicating with your customers and then research on the best practices of setting up a call center knowledge base or a contact center. No matter the size of your business, you will reap benefits by investing in a call center during your initial days to have personal conversations with your customers. If phones are one of the primary channels of communication for your intended target audience, you will definitely need to set up a virtual call center.

Your agents can view call notes and recordings anytime

A key capability of any virtual phone system is to allow access to previous call notes and call recordings at will. OneCall Agents can listen to their previous conversations and improve their conversational skills. The recordings and call notes also serve to keep our agents updated.

Your agents can attend calls on mobile or laptop

Your prospects and customers are not going to wait while your team is in transit. Phone conversations are usually initiated for urgent gratification and hence your virtual phone system should be capable of routing phone calls to agent’s mobile or landline number.