Monitoring your virtual call center real-time


Vital capabilities of virtual phone systems for supervisors

Your supervisors can monitor your virtual call center real-time

A call center cannot truly function as a virtual unless your supervisors are able to monitor all your virtual agents in real-time. This means that your supervisors can listen to every single conversation and step in if needed. Call barging is a key capability of a true virtual phone system.

Your supervisors can check real-time agent availability status

While dealing with virtual agents, it is vital for supervisors to be able to check the availability status of agents. Agents can be busy talking to your customers/prospects, finishing up with their after-call-work, or available to make or answer phone calls, or unavailable by virtue of being offline. Your supervisors need a virtual phone system that can show the agent availability data real-time.

Your supervisors can view all the callers waiting in your queue

Supervisors have the unenviable task of staying on top of periodic surges in the number of phone conversations. They need to handle this in collaboration with your virtual call center administrators. Your supervisors require a real-time call waiting for status as well as the number of conversations that are on hold.