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Make Money
From Home


Make Money
From Home

Make income by helping others just like you with the @Home Opportunity.

Save On
Monthly Bills


Save On
Monthly Bills

Our wealth syndicate group helps people make more income, save more money, and grow their investments.

Earn Passive


Earn Passive

Build a passive income portfolio through self-banking, land-banking and real estate.

Team Of


Team Of

Our Experts work on your behalf to save you the most money possible.

Ministry $$


Ministry $$

We offer a complete financial stewardship system to assist the Church.
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Real Members, Real Financial Success

Let our experts do the work

OUR Programs

Own your Home

Secure Your Dream Home with MWR

MWR Keys to Home-Ownership is a proven system that clears the way for you to become a homeowner regardless of your past credit history or current credit scores.

Reduce My Taxes

Instant Pay Raise

Let us help you keep more of your hard earn money in your pocket and receive an instant pay raise in 4 easy steps.

Lower My Bills

Bill Negotiation

Our Professional Bill Negotiators can help you lower your re-occuring monthly bills: Cable/Satellite, Cell Phone, Security, Internet, Utilities, Insurance, and a whole lot more.

Eliminate My Debt

Everyone qualifies to use this powerful program​

What would your life look like if your DEBT was ZERO? Well… By simply plugging all of your debts into the MWR Debt Elimination system, we can provide you with a detailed monthly plan of action to eliminate all of your debts, in record time.

Restore My Credit

Get the credit you deserve

Are you one of the over 80% of Americans with less than perfect credit? If so, this could be costing you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in interest, down payments and insurance premium overpayments.

Trust My Assets

Choose the Path That is Right For You

Our Trust Experts provide everything you need to protect your assets, while legally and ethically eliminating income tax liabilities, so you can build, live, and leave a legacy.

Private Reserve Account

Create a money multiplier effect with your own bank.

Looking for the best way to save, grow and protect your money tax-free without risk of loss? Learn the advantages of having your very own Private Reserve Account.

Diversified Cashflow Account

Become your own bank & put your savings on steroids.

There are many benefits to becoming your own bank. Borrowing from yourself and continue to earn interest and dividends on the money you borrow is just one of them.

MWR Land Banking

Remove the guess work of being a Real Estate Investor.

MWR Land Banking gives you an opportunity to purchase segments of some of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the U.S. And best of all – these properties are made available to you at an average of 20%-40% below their current market value.

MWR Precious Metals

Accumulate Assets That Grow in Value

Our Experts provide Buy Recommendations and Strategies that put you in the most favorable position to profit from your Precious Metal Purchases.

Health Share

Healthcare costs in the U.S. have more than tripled in the last 20 years and MWR has the solution.

Our HealthShare Experts can help qualified members replace their existing health insurance with a Health Sharing Plan at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing quality/service. (Coverage also available for ITIN Members without a SS#)

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